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"Their extensive
knowledge of the field,
the original research
that goes into each
creative program, the
well-wrought program
notes and their smart
from behind
the keyboard all combine
to create a sense of
celebratory occasion at
every concert they give."
—Andante Magazine



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cast of day and night
A tired but happy cast of February 2011's Night & Day/USA, at Merkin after the dress rehearsal: Michael Barrett, Liza Forrester, Sari Gruber, James Martin, Chris Tiesi; SB seated in front (as always).

manning the canon rehearsal
"No muscle bound man could take my hand from my guy": the cast of Manning the Canon rehearses the encore, with 'ography. November 2010.

steven and liza
Steve Blier and Liza Forrester (veiled) after her City Opera debut as Aloès in Chabrier's L'étoile, March of 2010.

juilliard cast
The cast of Road Show before our traditional Friday night rehearsal dinner at Steve's house: standing are Will Liverman, Dan Curran, Tim McDevitt, violinist Charles Yang, Tobias Greenhalgh, Meredith Lustig, Michael Barrett; down below, Naomi O'Connell, Steve Blier, Lacey Benter. All of us tired and happy. January 2011

sing for your supper
After a show at Henry's in March of 2010: Tobias Greenhalgh, Naomi O'Connell, percussionist Eric Roberts, Liza Forrester and Carlton Ford; seated and crouched, Cyndia Sieden, John Brancy, and Steve Blier.

michael and russell
Michael Barrett and Russell Platt after our amazing concert of contemporary song, The Newest Deal—May of 2010

with sasha and paul
Paul Appleby, Sasha Cooke, Steven Blier and Michael Barrett backstage at the Kennedy Center, during the intermission of Beginner's Luck, October 2010

The all-boy band: John Musto, Eric Roberts, Joshua Jeremiah, Jesse Blumberg, and Paul Appleby showing their game face after rehearsing Springsteen's "Ain't Got You" for a show at Henry's. Eric is not capable of showing up for a gig without at least seven percussion instruments. Bless him.

sing for your supper 2
Dominic Armstrong, Joshua Jeremiah, Jesse Blumberg, and Steve Blier after a show at Henry's, October 2010.

steven and paul appleby
Steve Blier taking a breather between songs at a concert with Paul Appleby in Orient, New York chez Emma Trenti—a great night of music.