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Pedro Infante: Cuándo sale la luna

A fun fact about me is that no matter how Italian my name my be, I have always been drawn to the culture of Mexico more than any other culture in the world. From a young age I fell in love with the Spanish language and since then have been on a path of discovering the absolute joy of complex Mexican food, film, and most importantly MARIACHI! If you ask me what my favorite type of music is, this opera singer will tell you mariachi. 

This is Pedro Infante singing one of my favorite rancheras called Cuándo Sale la Luna “When the Moon Rises.” It is from a wonderful film from 1956 called Los Gavilanes. Below is a translation and if you like what you see/hear, there are so many other films from this era starring this superstar. Not to mention his singing technique is fabulous!

Let the moon rise,
Let the sun set
Let the night fall
so our love can start 

Let the little stars
Fill me with inspiration
To tell you little beautiful things, my love 

I know there isn’t in the world,
Love like the one you give me
And I know that night by night
It’s growing more and more 

When I’m between your arms,
I always ask myself
How much did destiny owe me
that it paid me with you? 

That’s why my life,
I give it all to you,
You who gave me with a kiss
What I never asked you for

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