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Michel Legrand: You Must Believe in Spring

It’s been a Bach week, but I’m departing from my faith-based musical life for today. I’m feeling melancholy since spring is finally here. The Norwegians, after months of non-stop darkness and no sunshine, view the first day of spring as the saddest day of the year, since they can already sense the end of it, and the oncoming winter. But we (and they) still yearn for spring every year. Now that the buds are budding, we are here, staring it in the pistils and stamens. And to celebrate it, and its departure, here is Bill Evans and Tony Bennett. “You Must Believe in Spring”, composed by Michel Legrand with lyrics by the Bergmans. It must be time for me to have another look at The Umbrellas of Cherburg. Michel Legrand really has an amazing compositional voice. He’s all heart.

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