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Jimmy Roselli sings Anema E Core

When I was asked to do the NYFOS Song of the Day I was intrigued (and overwhelmed!) by the possibilities of what I could present over five days. There is an endless amount of repertoire in all styles and genres—how do you choose?! So, I went with what I know: my favorites. I know that many past bloggers have stuck within the rich classical realm, but the truth is, no matter how much I adore it now, I didn’t grow up listening to classical music. The songs that you will hear and read about over the next four days are songs by artists who have shaped who I am today as an interpreter of song. Enjoy!

Today’s song is Anema e Core “Heart and Soul” by Jimmy Roselli. I grew up in a tight knit Italian family on my father’s side and it was during a visit in my childhood to my Zizi (uncle and aunt) Ercole and Rita’s house that I first learned about Jimmy Roselli. After a big dinner, Uncle Earl took me into the living room and put Jimmy Roselli’s CD into the stereo. I immediately fell in love! I have always loved and felt close to Neapolitan song, but the way Jimmy interprets and sings these classics has stuck in my head as the ultimate epitome of the Neapolitan style. Almost two decades later, I still listen to Jimmy Roselli almost every time I cook or need to feel a sense of home. I put on this album and immediately smell the garlic! 

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