Howard Ashman and Alan Menken: Be Our Guest

Written by nyfos

September 28, 2018

Though Sukkot continues for another few days, Moses and Miriam have burst onto the scene for day 5, providing a musical climax to our journey of songs which evoke the presence of sacred Jewish ancestors. These two siblings lead the Israelites in celebrating their freedom from Egypt on the other side of the sea, and I don’t know of a song that encapsulates singing, dancing, company, and cookery quite as well as this showstopper from the 1991 Disney animated classic. Even the worrywart clock Cogsworth gets swept up in the revelry by the end, thereby proving that when you do Sukkot right, as with any festive occasion, time ought to stand still. Chag sukkot sameiach!

“Be Our Guest” (Beauty and the Beast) by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken, sung by Jerry Orbach, Angela Lansbury and ensemble


Joshua Breitzer is cantor and music director of Congregation Beth Elohim in Brooklyn. Considered one of his generation’s leading talents, Cantor Breitzer has performed at such prestigious venues as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and Merkin Concert Hall. For the past several years, he has appeared with NYFOS in our annual “A Goyishe Christmas to You!” program, and has coached several NYFOS’s Emerging Artists on Jewish repertoire.


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