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Gabriel Fauré: Pie Jesu

There are some artists that just embody perfection when at their best. Cecilia Bartoli seems to be able to turn anything she touches to gold. She has superhuman control of her voice, especially in her stratospheric coloratura and hushed pianissimi. In this recording of the “Pie Jesu” from Fauré’s Requiem, she delicately phrases each note with a sensitive musical understanding, adding vibrato at just the right moments. Maybe she plans these musical choices ahead of time, or maybe they are how she feels it in that moment – either way, the expression in her voice approaches the sublime.

Listening to artists of Cecilia’s caliber is often what gives me the momentum to continue on this career path. It reminds me that when all is said and done, what really matters is just sharing in music with a listener and hopefully creating a moment of beauty in the world.

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