Domenico Modugno: Volare

Written by Kathleen Chalfant


September 16, 2019

I am looking forward to being part of the Lyrics by Shakespeare program in October and I realized that I share with William Shakespeare a deep and persistent case of Italophilia.  I believe the seeds of my condition were planted when I was 13 and heard the original version of “Volare” sung by Domenico Modugno.  It has been covered since then scads of times but my favorites are still the original, the Pavarotti, and a version I just discovered by the wonderful Italian singer Gianna Nannini.  I also love a parody version that I can’t find which mistranslated the lyrics something like this:  Volare, wash, Cantare, sing, Nel blu dip into di blu, I have a blue pinto, Felice di stare la su, Felice has one too!!!!

Kathleen Chalfant

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