Dave Frishberg: I Want To Be A Sideman

Written by Michael Barrett

Associate Artistic Director, NYFOS

June 26, 2018

Dave Frishberg. Urbane, pianist extraordinaire, a real lyricist, and a musician who gets us other musical cats. Here is “I Want To Be A Sideman”. At NYFOS, we bring in sidemen all the time. Clarinetists, guitarists, percussionists, whatever the music calls for. And playing the piano for singers—well, sometimes you ARE the sideman. If you have a great singer, it’s a good life! Lots of great songs by Dave Frishberg. Check out “My Attorney Bernie”. Breezy NYC music for the summer!

Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett is the co-founder and associate artistic director of New York Festival of Song, as well as the co-founder and music director of the Moab Music Festival in Utah. A conductor and a pianist, Michael was a protégé of Leonard Bernstein and serves as music advisor to the Leonard Bernstein Estate.


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