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Carlos Gardel: El día que me quieras

The inimitable Carlos Gardel was known throughout the world as the leading tango singer during the 1930’s. “El día que me quieras” (“The day you will love me”) is not a tango, but since its debut in 1935 this Latin American jewel became inseparable to the voice and the romantic image of Gardel.

The ballad describes the feeling of a man that yearns for his beloved to love him. It describes in beautiful images how the world around him will change on that day, the day she will finally love him. Roses will wear their best garbs, the stars in heaven will be jealous, there will only be harmony, etc.

The passion in his voice, and the inflection of the Spanish language though singing is what makes Gardel one of the most iconic and wonderful singers of his time.

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