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Beyoncé: Run the World

With so many possibilities, I decided to use the themes of Fierce Grace: Jeannette Rankin as the themes of my “Song of the Day.” Women’s rights. Civil rights. Women’s suffrage. Pacifism. And a whole lot of Fierce Grace.

The title of “Fierce Grace” is no joke­– it’s fierce on every level, from Jeannette Rankin herself to the all-female creative team of the cycle (Kitty Brazelton, Laura Kaminsky, Laura Karpman, Kimberly Reed and Ellen Reid) to the mindset Heather Johnson and I have to embody in order to perform this non-stop forty-minute work. And who shall put the final stamp of Fierceness on my “Song of the Day” narration? None other than Sasha Fierce herself, who even transcended that name to achieve her reign as Queen…BEYONCÉ. Girl power at its finest.

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